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What We Do 

The following are the core services that we provide for our clients. We are happy to discuss your particular needs and co-create a plan to best support you and your organization's work. 

Data Needs Assessment 

Data needs assessments include thorough qualitative and quantitative review of the data and processing needs of various stakeholders in your organization and community. Through focus groups and interviews, we gather personal data from directors, frontline staff, data personnel, funders, community partners, consumers and constituents into data systems. We review those needs, along with funding and legal requirements, with an emphasis on data quality, data equity, ease of use and honoring people with lived experience. The assessment makes recommendations to support the effectiveness of what data are collected, how and by whom they are collected, and how they are analyzed and reported.


SROI Analysis 

Social Return on Investment (SROI) analysis is a form of impact measurement that is designed to demonstrate the dollar-for-dollar impact of investment in a social enterprise, such as nonprofit and government programs. We utilize scholarly research to assign a financial value to social outcomes, and calculate the overall social value generated using the Social Value UK framework. SROI analysis centers around clients’ experiences, and includes one-on-one interviews, focus groups, and surveys with clients as well as staff, leadership, and community partners. 


Program Evaluation 

In our program evaluation, we review the processes and outcomes in a given service or data program.  Based on the goals of the program, stakeholder interviews, and our own experience, we assess how the program is working in the current state, and identify the ideal state to maximize its effectiveness.  We then provide detailed, practical recommendations on how to achieve that ideal state. 


Technical Assistance & Subject Matter Expertise

We provide general consulting and technical assistance to address a variety of needs associated with nonprofit and government services. Our subject matter expertise includes decades of experience in youth and young adults homelessness, adult and family homelessness, provision of direct services, and lived experiences of housing insecurity.

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